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++ Naginata     (顔なじみ)…23回       

It comes as discribed no complaints here although it did say china on it and not musashi comes with certificate of authinticity
.. 5/25(Thu) 13:54[579727]

++ Best Samurai Sword     (一般客)…5回       

I wanted to give this a five but soon after getting mine I noticed a scuff on hand guard taking off the dark brown color and leaving a shiny brass look but other then that nice sword good quality
.. 5/25(Thu) 07:10[579726]

++ battle ready swords     (一般客)…7回       

A nearly flawless reproduction of the Dotanuki. A piece of quality military art and history.
.. 5/25(Thu) 02:34[579725]

++ katana blade     (上客)…14回       

this is a fantastic sword. the only issue with it is the handle wrap is not the same as shown in the image (same color as all other bio hazard green weapons) its well built and would make a good collection starter for any katana lover.
.. 5/24(Wed) 22:31[579724]

++ SAKABATO Sword     (一般客)…6回       

It is a beautiful sword, beautiful workmanship, honest real ray skin. phenomenal product, very very happy, have a second one on the way. I will never waste my money on another product line again, I will continue to purchase from Handmade Sword. Thanks so very much.
.. 5/24(Wed) 22:24[579723]

++ Chinese Sword for sale     (一般客)…7回       

Received it yesterday and was blown away from it's appearance. I saw the layers on the sword that made it really stand out. Well balanced and sharp. Really a truly, beautiful while a fully functional and a battle ready sword. I would recommend getting this katana to anyone....5 stars all the way.
.. 5/24(Wed) 21:31[579722]

++ samurai swords     (バーテン)…152回       

I know this is not a true Japanese Katana but in the hand this sword still exudes an aura that requires respect. Well made,sturdy, and beautiful as it stands.
.. 5/24(Wed) 20:49[579721]

++ ThomasUsece     (とおりすがりの客)…4回       

comment3, こちら , Miranda Lambert в“ The Weight of These Wings , こちら , Sido Das Goldene
.. 5/24(Wed) 17:29[579720]

++ Real Ninja Sword     (とおりすがりの客)…1回       

It may be a replica but it's a nice one and ranks higher than other swords I've bought. Decent edge. The ronin-02 has the best edge of mine for the three but I like my collection to have different looking swords or at least saya/tsukas so this was necessary to add to the collection.
.. 5/24(Wed) 02:26[579719]

++ Wakizashi Swords     (顔なじみ)…21回       

Cold steel awesome products like always. That is why I am a big fan of cold steel, they are a little high but have never been unhappy with the product.
.. 5/24(Wed) 01:59[579718]

++ real swords     (上客)…19回       

the quality is far beyond what I have seen thus far
.. 5/23(Tue) 22:22[579717]

++ Tachi Sword     (一般客)…9回       

Definitely not the quality I expected from a lower price sword, an ingenious design as well. The blade also came surprisingly sharp compared to others I have purchased in the past.
.. 5/23(Tue) 21:21[579716]

++ ThomasUsece     (とおりすがりの客)…3回       

comment3, こちら , Ray Charles в“ Cherry Red , こちら , Childish Gambino Awaken, My Love!
.. 5/23(Tue) 02:05[579715]

++ ThomasUsece     (とおりすがりの客)…2回       

comment3, こちら , Alligatoah - Livemusik ist keine LГ¶sung - Himmelfahrtskommando Tour , こちら , Georgio Hera
.. 5/22(Mon) 17:34[579714]

++ ThomasUsece     (とおりすがりの客)…1回       

comment3, こちら , Sarah McLachlan Wonderland , こちら , Neil Young Peace Trail
.. 5/22(Mon) 09:39[579713]

++ Michaelwraws     (とおりすがりの客)…4回       

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.. 5/22(Mon) 03:20[579712]

++ Michaelwraws     (とおりすがりの客)…3回       

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.. 5/21(Sun) 20:49[579711]

++ Michaelwraws     (とおりすがりの客)…2回       

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.. 5/21(Sun) 03:40[579710]

++ Michaelwraws     (とおりすがりの客)…1回       

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.. 5/20(Sat) 20:59[579709]

++ コピー商品     (とおりすがりの客)…1回       


.. 5/11(Thu) 11:23[579708]


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